Clients today, Candidates tomorrow

Representative democracy works best when our elected officials come from all walks of life. Let us help you build your resume and cultivate your personal story to become a great candidate. Not maybe someday... Definitely Someday. 
Diverse Backgrounds

We work with people of all backgrounds, educational levels, and ideologies. Your unique story is an asset and makes you an authentic candidate who will connect with voters. We will show you how to build on and enhance that story. 

Real People

Everyone has skeletons in their closet. We can help you identify and correct (if possible) any embarrassments in your background before they become a liability. If your particular problem isn't fixable, we can help devise a strategy to minimize any negative impact. 

Young or Old

There is no such thing as being the "wrong age" to run for office. Young candidates have energy and enthusiasm. Older candidates have experience and knowledge. We can help you use your age --- whatever it is --- to your advantage. 

Local Focus

Definitely Someday is primarily focusing on candidates in Minnesota. But if you are in another state and serious about our services, contact us. We have contacts all over the country and may be able to help.