Frequently Asked Questions


How much time is this really going to take?


That is entirely based on you and your goals. Let's say you are starting from scratch and want to run for office in two years... or five years. A plan to get you the same amount of experience and contacts will require a more rigorous time investment if you want to get there in two years. If you decide that five years is more realistic, the time committment would be lighter, because it will be spread out over three additional years. 

It is impossible for us to say how much time you will need before we meet with you and discuss your situation and goals. That inital meeting generally lasts about an hour. If you can commit to an hour, contact us. Our specialty is creating a plan that gets you what you need in the amount of time you have to invest. 

Why aren't your prices listed online?


Our pricing structure will vary based on the workload and timeline to create and implement your individualized plan, so we prefer to visit with you about your experience and goals before we quote you a package price. We do our best to keep the cost to our clients low, and scholarships may be available for those who need them. If cost is the only thing keeping you from calling us, call and meet with us anyway. Our first meeting is free.

I'm not a rookie. I think I am ready to run. Can you confirm that?


Yes, sort of. YOU are the only one who can decide that you are ready. But we are happy to meet, go over your background and credentials, and tell you if we think there are any opportunities for improvement before you run. If we don't have any suggestions, we will introduce you to people who can help with your campaign --- and wish you good luck!

What if I make a plan and then decide not to run for office?


We understand that running for office is not for everyone.  Whether or not you enjoy the electoral process, whether or not the reality lives up to what you watched on The West Wing, whether or not your family is supportive... those are all things you have to learn and have to decide for yourself. We can help with the plan, but the ultimate decision is up to you. But if you want the opportunity to find out, contact us. We can help. 

I want to call and discuss. Where's your phone number?


To be honest, we had a dedicated phone line for the first couple years we were in business, but the only calls we got were telemarketers. So we got rid of it. We prefer to put resources into things that our clients actually use. So use our contact form, send an email, or catch us on social media. 

Are you a nonprofit?


When Shannon founded Definitely Someday in 2015, she set it up as a sole proprietorship, just for ease of getting the company off the ground. In 2018 Definitely Someday officially became a Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation. 


The main benefit for a nonprofit structure is the incentive for people to donate to the organization, and the ability to get grants from foundations. We are a multi-partisan organization, not non-partisan, so that would keep us from being the kind of nonprofit where donations can be deducted from taxes. As a Public Benefit Corporation we can accept donations, do productive work, and pay our own share of taxes as well.