I'm Interested. What happens next?


The first step is yours --- contact us. Send us an email, call us, tweet... let us know you're interested and we'll start your journey. 




This is where you will sit down and talk to one of our staff members for an hour or so. We will ask you a lot of questions, so expect to spend most of the time talking about yourself. This can be done at whatever time and place works for you. There is no charge for this meeting. 

One clarification: an interview is NOT a candidate screening. We do not decide IF you should run for office. That decision is yours. 


Personalized Plan


Our staff will take the information we collected at your interview and create a customized plan to address your goals. We will take advantage of the strengths you already bring to the table, and build on what tools would be benificial for your future as a candidate. There is a cost for this service. (We will discuss price at your interview.)




We sit down and discuss your plan. Anything that you're uncomfortable or unsure about, we can modify. Then, together, we put the plan in motion. We have regular check-ins to measure your progress, and tweak the plan as your needs change or as opportunities become available. There is a small cost for this service. 




We measure success by getting a client ready to run for office. Since all of the plans are customized to each person individually, this may take a year, or it may take 5 or 10 years. Success does not depend on how fast you get to your finish line --- only that you get there. Once you're ready to declare your candidacy, we can put you in touch with organizers and fundraisers and campaign managers. Our part will be done. We will be happy to come to your election night party though, so be sure to invite us.