Our Plans Are


Your plan will be a roadmap based on your dreams and your goals. Whatever you need to accomplish, we can address. 


You have a life. You have responsibilities. Your plan will be developed with you and your family in mind, and will seek to compliment your current obligations, not to detract from them. 


Where are your opportunities for improvement? Do you need leadership experience? Education? Contacts? Do you have "land mines" in your past that could be embarrassing or damaging to your campaign? 

We start where you ARE, and develop a plan that addresses any challenges so you're prepared, confident, and comfortable when you are ready to run for office. 


Running for office is like building a house. There is a lot of structure under the siding and shingles. Without the structure, there may be curb appeal, but the house doesn't stand in severe weather. 

Attempting a run for office without that inner structure often means a good candidate loses. We will put together a plan to create that inner structure and stability, so you will be the best candidate you can be. 


We don't work with just one party, we have relationships with both major parties and minor parties as well.

If you want to run for office with a particular party's endorsement, we can help. If you want to stick to non-partisan races, we can do that too. It's up to you. 


Your plan is just that --- yours. We only release as much information about your future plans as you are comfortable with.

Some people will benefit from making their intentions known, some prefer to operate under the radar. Whatever is most comfortable for you and whatever suits your future plans is what we will do. 


Our services are not free, but we see our work with you as an investment in ethical, thoughtful government of the future. Better candidates means better government for all of us. 


We keep the cost to our clients low, and scholarships may be available for those who need them. We won't let finances get in the way of your dream of running for office.