Civic Leadership Development


You probably have more leadership experience than you think. But if your civic resume needs enhancing, we can help. We have a database of boards, committees, and organizations that are looking for leaders. We can introduce you to opportunities that will help develop your leadership skills and subject matter expertise without a huge time commitment.

What We Do



Personal Brand & Social Media Strategy


Who are you? What kind of impression are you making online? In our digital age, one misstep on social media can negatively influence your campaign. We can help you understand social media and cultivate an online presence that will establish you as a viable candidate. 

"Land Mine" Identification


We can help you identify --- and correct if possible --- any issues in your background that can derail your campaign. Assuming "no one will find out" or
"it's not relevant to the campaign" is not the way to go. Too many great candidates have found out the hard way that almost everything is fair game.


Whether or not you have skeletons in your closet is not important. The way you approach them is. 

Political Party Connections


If you have been active in your local political party for years --- great! You are ahead of the game. But if you want to run for office in a partisan race, and don't have the necessary connections, you will need them. We can help you get involved. 

Family Preparation


One of the most important elements to a smooth campaign is making sure that your whole family is ready, with roles and commitments clearly defined. We make sure that everyone's needs are met, so the candidate can focus on the campaign without angst or guilt.