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Founder & CEO


Shannon Watson has 20+ years of experience in the political arena, working on local and statewide races in Kansas, Colorado and Minnesota. 


Over the years, Shannon picked candidates to work for based on who SHOULD win, not who WOULD win. She has worked on Democratic, Republican, and nonpartisan races. Her experience led her to believe that many potential candidates need more preparation and skill building to be successful.


Training that candidates receive by the parties and interest groups is usually specific to the functions of the campaign itself - targeting, doorknocking, fundraising, etc. While those are essential skills to have, the characteristics that candidates really need in advance - leadership, public speaking, social media savvy - take years to be developed. So she founded Definitely Someday. 


Shannon is an expert at political strategy and communications, but excels working with potential and first time candidates because of her patience and long-term planning prowess. She is optimistic about government and believes that the quality of our political arena can only be enhanced by the quality of our candidates. 


Shannon has a Bachelor's degree in English, Theatre and Psychology from Wichita State University and a Masters in Advocacy and Political Leadership from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. She lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 



Research Consultant


Amber Schmugge is an information specialist, researcher, community educator, and project coordinator with over a decade of experience working to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. Whether its supporting promising young people through leadership programs, guiding nonprofit programming with research and curriculum development, or advising college students as they navigate roommates, registration, and course requirements, Amber knows that each person’s path to success is unique. 

In addition to her work with nonprofit and community organizations, Amber is a bit of a politics and policy geek who has a solid foundation of experience with Minnesota’s political and legislative systems. This experience includes working on behalf of community groups to monitor the state legislature and identify opportunities for advocacy on targeted policy issues, helping to organize lobby days at the Capitol, being active and engaged in local politics and political party activities, and serving as campaign staff on one of the most…complicated…major statewide races in recent history. She looks forward to putting her research skills and knowledge of Minnesota’s political and civic communities together on behalf of the clients of Definitely Someday.

Amber has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Macalester College, a Masters of Advocacy and Political Leadership from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and a Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of Washington-Seattle.  Having recently returned to the state, Amber is excited to reacquaint herself with all the great things Minnesota has to offer (though maybe not so much with the snow & cold!)